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About Oppdal Gneiss

Oppdal Gneiss is produced at Lønset, 26 km west of Oppdal in Mid-Norway.

Oppdal Gneiss is an eroded granite, which is sedimented and become foliated.

The stone is fine grained, and well suited for building. It is tested with good result for strength and frost resistance.

Even depth on the bricks makes the stones builds little out from the existing wall, and makes the transportation more energy effective.

Gneiss is easy to split vertically, but more challenging to split horizontally.

Gneiss has a unique height/depth ratio, and a unique quality.

Our packaging is ideal for transporting a maximum amount of m2 per sending.

We distribute the stone directly to the customer, or through chosen dealers.

You can either order a finished product and let us build the project, or you can order the stone and build it yourself.

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