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Masons consider advantages like faster construction time and less consumption of concrete (normally 60 l per m2). At the same time, the customers are more than pleased with the result. Some of the reasons why our product is more economic, is because there is near up to zero wastage on your order. You can calculate with 5 m2 masonry from one bag of 11 cm depth. 

Oppdal Gneiss is succsessfully tested considering strength and resistance against frost according to Norwegian standards regarding building stones.

This is our assortment and prices. Please click on the desired product for pictures:

6 cm depth, 4-16 cm height. Length 15-50 cm. 8m2/1250 kg in FIBC.

This stone is ideal for building details, like an entrance. This solution has more stone per square meter than larger stones, and you will use more time constructing it. This solution needs to be constructed 10 cm from existing wall, included concrete and reinforcement. 

Depth: 11 cm ( brick quality, structure and nature), height 5 – 18 cm, length 15 – 50 cm, 5 m2 /1200 kg FIBC

This is our best seller, and is used as facing stone on walls, pipes and etc. It builds 14 cm from existing wall, included concrete and reinforcement.

11 cm depth brick quality.

This solution is parallel, straight in the ends, and has a smooth surface in front. 

 This stone is used wherever you want a perfect wall. 

11 cm depth structure: Gives a rougher surface that gives a vivid expression on the wall.

This is the stone to use if you prefer a wild expression on your wall. It suits well for a cottage wall and large surfaces on buildings. You can have larger vertical spaces between the stones, and it is therefore less time consuming than other solutions. 

11 cm depth nature: Natural surface in front.

Gneiss has oxidized through millions of years, which has made different colors on the wall. To give a more life like expression, we blend in dark brown stones with the lighter ones. 

20 cm depth Nature:

Heights 10 – 20 cm, lengths 20 – 70 cm. 2,5 m2/1200 kg in FIBC.

This is terrain bricks, designed for building walls up to 80 cm, for example in a garden. The stone should have a gradient of approximately 20%, and they need shingle behind them to make a wall. 

Natural stone steps. Depth 40 cm, heights 14 – 17 cm, lengths: 80/90/100 cm. 150 kg/a piece.

These steps need to be put on single. We can also offer larger steps. 

For an exact price offer inclusive freight, please send us an E-mail. 

Special Products:

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