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Prefabricated natural stone facades


We can offer a prefabricated wall of natural stone and reinforced concrete. These walls can be used as decoration on existing concrete walls, or as freestanding walls for noise reduction. You can also use it as façade on buildings.

Because the bricks are relatively thin compared to the height, we can make these elements without making them too thick. We are able to make them on just 23 cm, which gives a weight of 530 kg per m2. Because it is stone, this still makes a powerful expression.

We use different techniques for assembling the wall elements, but the basic is building them on a solid fundament, and anchor them to an existing wall with hidden expansion bolts.

Free standing noise reduction walls can constructed in a matter that makes it easy to install them with H-poles. The advantage with noise barrier in stone, is that it doesn’t need maintenance, and it costs no more than a barrier made in wood.

Some of the advantages:

The elements are made in a factory that guarantees adhesion and quality.

The builder can approve the quality and design before installing it.

Short installation time gives shorter total building time on your entire project.

Short installation time gives less dangerous situation for the construction workers.

The wall can be produced and installed in both summer and winter, and in almost all kinds of weather.

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