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Wall facades

Manual for masonry of 6 and 11 cm depth stone on existing wall.


Masonry of wall, isolated with polystyrene.


Masonry of wall made of Styrodur and concrete.


Freestanding wall, with a Leca core.

Procedure for masonry of drywall.

You work easiest by sorting the stone by height, and adjusting the length by splitting it vertically. Our stone is unique, because you can split it by using a regular paving stone guillotine. You sort the stone by putting stones on a table, and sorting them in stacks with the same heigth.

We estimate that you normally get 5m2 finished wall from a FIBC with 11 cm stone. We will still recommend to order some more than the size of your wall require to get a nice finish. You need to prime both the concrete and the Leca with for example Hey´di KZ.

Attach a 3,5 mm reinforcement mesh on the wall. You need a 14 cm fundament for the 11 cm deep stone, and 10 cm with the 6 cm deep stone.

Put membrane on the lower part of the wall and on the fundament.We will gladly help you for more guidance. Alternatively you can take contact with a local engineer for counseling.

You can choose from three qualities of 11 cm depth:

Brick quality (grey and even surface).
Structure (grey, uneven surface and some uneven lies surfaces).
Nature (the color varies from light to dark brown).

We recommend brick quality for decorating houses, and structure to refine your cottage.

When building the wall, you lay the first range on moist concrete. Use 4-5 stones with the same height in a row, and then break the pattern with a larger stone. Then 4-5 smaller stones and so on. When you have done an entire row, you have to wait a while before continuing because of the concrete curing process. It might be tempting to use several large stones in a row because it is less time consuming, but the result will suffer.

Use moist concrete behind the stones on each row. Put two stones on the same row with room for many stones between. Measure with a spirit leveler to see what size you need on the stone in between. You can adjust with until 5 mm concrete under the stone without affecting the result.

When you need to cut the stone to get the right length, you make a mark where you want to cut before you use a masonry hammer. Alternatively you can use a concrete cutter and make a 2 cm cut on the backside ofte stone. Then yoy use a wedge and hit it. A wedge can for example be an old ax. Or you may use a concrete guillotin.

You should never saw through the entire stone, it will show on the final result. When you cut stone for the end of the wall, you should always cut the end you want to hide, never the side that shows.

A top cover makes a perfect finish. If you make large masonry areal we recommend that you make it in several separate parts.
Please do not hesitate to contact us for more details, and we wish You good luck with Your project!

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